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In the year 1990 the sponsors of SIARA TEXTILE MILLS(PVT) LTD started a restaurant by the name of LAL Qila in Manchester, United Kingdom, and by the Grace of Almighty Allah now, LAL QILA chain of restaurants and super stores is a renowned and respectable name in British food industry. Later, in 2004, the sponsors decided to set up a textile spinning unit in Pakistan in the name and style of SIARA TEXTILE MILLS (PVT) LTD. It was a private limited Company incorporated under the Companies Ordinance 1984 and was registered on 8th November 2004.The Company has set up a new spinning unit for the manufacture of cotton yarn at 2-KM Warburton Road, Ferozewatwan, District Shekupura, and Pakistan.
  • Blow Room
  • Cards C-60
  • Breakers SB-D 40
  • Finisher RSB-D40
  • Simplex FL-16
  • Ring Frame F1520
Siara textile mills private limited is based on 100% cotton carded yarn with total production of 25 ton/day.

FIBER TYPE: We deal in 100% cotton of Pakistan, USA and Indian origin.

PRODUCT DETAIL: Yarn of count range from Ne 8/1 To 30/1 carded for weaving and knitting. The yarns are available in pp bag, carton packing of 50 to 100 lbs as well as pallet packing as per requirement of customer.
Quality Management
  • Siara textile believes that quality of yarn is not a fix standard process, because raw material of yarn is natural fiber. It is a continuously vigorous effort at each stage of production process to improve & sustain the yarn quality.
  • Siara textile lab is equipped with most modern instruments of USTER for complete testing of process from fiber to end product cone yarn. Each meter of cone yarn is online monitored by USTER QUANTUM 2 before dispatching to our customers.